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Golf for kids

When can my child start learning Golf?


      There is no specific age that a child should or must start learning golf. A teenager is not necessarily too old to begin, nor is a toddler necessarily too young. The typical age, however is between 4 and 7 years old, when they have a bit more of an attention span. Another key factor is interest. Some kids may never be interested. While heading out to the golf course with the family can be a fun activity can be for anyone of any age, some schools suggest against enrolling a child in actual classes unless they ask for them.

There’s nothing wrong with teaching a younger child how to hold a club or stand when he swings, but the most important factor with kids is to ensure that they are having fun while doing it. And for the parents – don’t expect too much too fast when golfing with your toddler.


What are the Benifits for kids of leaning Golf


     The many benefits kids to learn to play and over the last few years I have dedicated myself to developing the very best junior golf programme. This has seen me attend seminars and speak with many experts in the field of child development. My aim with my junior golf programme is to develop: 

  • Fundamental movement skills,

  • Fundamental sport skills,

  • Golf skills,

  • Character/values/life skills and

  • Most importantly create a love for the game.


Following talking to many parents and youngsters it is obvious that kids want to play sports for five simple reasons

  • It is FUN

  • They can play with their friends or make new friends

  • To fit in

  • It makes them feel good

  • They like to do things they are good at

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