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SgGolfCoach provides Playing Proficiency Test (PC Card) and Handicap test ( Handicap card) 

and membership for all ages of students looking to enter the world of golf

What is a PC? 


The Proficiency Certificate (PC). It tests basic ball striking and basic golf rules , etiquette and consists.

PC is issued by a golf club to allow new golfers to play on golf courses in order to gain sufficient experience. The golfer is expected to take the necessary steps to obtain a golf Handicap afterwards.

What’s a golf handicap ?


The handicap is a number assigned to a golfer defining their proficiency. Its function is to give players of all standards an equal chance of victory. In strokeplay the handicap is taken from a player’s total gross score to give their nett score. In matchplay the handicap determines how many shots a player will either give to, or receive from, an opponent.

You need a handicap to participate in club or inter-club competitions. Some golf courses require visitors to produce a certificate confirming they are in possession of a recognised handicap.

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