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Golf Rule Changes 2019

golf rule

Golf Safety




Danger is present – but preventable –  

Mishap of getting hit by ball, club and equipment by a child or adult can all be prevented.

SgGolfCoach constantly aims to convey a simple message: proper supervision can make all the difference. You can never know which safety measures will save a life – until it does. We would like to change the way parents, caregivers and the general public think and act about golf safety.

Simple steps


Beware of surroundings and be alert ,would ensure better safety in each lessons.

You can never know when something would hit you – until it does.

Proven golf safety steps can be organized into three categories:

1. Behavioral – actions that relate to personal responsibility and actions.
2. Knowledge-based – actions that relate to skills such as "where to walk", game of play and CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)
3. Equipment check – relates personal and academy equipment. External equipement, such as fences, and safety equipment, including compliant drain covers and other devices, as needed.

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