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Why Golf?




1, It is all down to you

Golf is mostly an individual sport, other than the odd team situations such as doubles competitions and inter-club games, but mostly it is you – on your own – against the course. If you decide to go out the night before a competition and play badly,you only have yourself to blame. Like all Sport practice makes perfect and result would be visable! Commit yourself to this Sport and you will grow stronger both mentally and physically.


2, Beautiful scenery

Would you rather sit infront of the computer for 4 hours or enjoy the fresh air, see lots of nature, and be close to water.

Many Countries have golf courses that have a the breath taking back drop of iconics monuments. The best way to start the day!


3, Socializing and friendship
Although in most competitions you play against each other and the course, you still have 2 or 3 playing partners who join you for the round and share the duties of scoring. 4 hours of golf will lead to many opportunities to get to know who you are playing with better and I’ve made some good friends and also business contacts from spending time on the golf course.

Of course there is plenty of time for socializing in the bar after a round of golf and often other social activities taking place at the golf club that members can join in with.


4, Good exercise
Golf is a great non-impact exercise. Seven thousands yards which is a good walk in anybody’s book. It’s not advisable that golf is the only exercise you partake in as you’ll certainly need some anaerobic exercise such as running or swimming to get your heart rate up.

But the good news is that as you play more golf and you want to improve you’ll start taking your exercise away from the course more seriously.


5, A great challenge for all ages and abilities
Golf has to be one of the most accessible sports going on. How many other sports can a 10 year old tee it up against an 80 year old and via the handicap system have a great competitive round of golf!

One of the things that is attractive to golf was the fact that it is a sport you can take up now and if everything goes well still be playing in your eighties. 


6, It is not as expensive as you think, and you do have time for it!
Playing golf in Singapore is not that expansive, infact it is the one of the cheapest place to play golf in the world.

You can easily pick up a decent set of clubs and bag for $300.00

If you don’t want to join a club you can find a round of golf at many decent places at less than $100 or just to the range at $4
Maybe you need a couple of t-shirts and golf shoes to wear $100
If you add this all up over the course of a year where you play once a week you are looking at a total spend of $1700. Quite a bit of money you might think.

Maybe still cheaper than heading to the bar every friday!

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